The Amazing Chemistry Show

Held Thursday, August 19, 2021 7PM at the Riverview Conference Center

Have you ever had a large ball of fire safely ignited from your hand? Or used a banana to pound a nail into a wooden plank? Or been slimed by a puking plastic pumpkin? Families attending The Amazing Chemistry Show and Family Experience will be entertained by these experiments and more.

Josh Denhart, Founder of The Amazing Chemistry Show, combines exciting science experiments with a gospel message about God’s love for us. While the chemical reactions, loud noises and unexpected twists will leave the audience amazed, the message will stir their hearts and leave them with more to think about. 

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The Amazing Chemistry Show 

Thursday, August 19th, 7PM at the Riverview Conference Center

Doors Open at 6:30 PM, NO COST. Facebook RSVP Appreciated but not necessary. RSVP HERE.

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