Book of Isaiah Study

We are studying through the book of Isaiah this year on Sunday mornings.

There are three ways you can study with us.  Doing all three will give you the most of the study.

  1. Personally study each week.  You can use this Blank Study Page to help you.
  2. Listen/Watch the sermon about that passage.
  3. Discuss with a group what God has shown you through the text.  Most groups meet at 11AM on Sunday morning to discuss.

You can jump in anytime during the year!

Text Theme
09/13/20 Isaiah Bio From Wholly Broken to Holy Hope (Is. 6)
09/20/20 Isaiah 1-3 Indictment, Pt. 1: Against Judah
09/27/20 Isaiah 4-6 Indictment, Pt. 2: Woes, Love Lost (the vineyard) Hope for the survivors.
10/04/20 Isaiah 7 Ahaz’ Story: Immanuel (7-9)
10/11/20 Isaiah 10 Judgment on Assyria
10/18/20 Isaiah 11 The Righteous Branch
10/25/20 Guest Preacher
11/01/20 Isaiah 13-18 Judgment on Babylon, Philistia, Moab, Damascus, Cush (whirring wings)
11/08/20 Isaiah 19-24 Judgment on Egypt & the Desert, Edom, Jerusalem, Tyre
11/15/20 Isaiah 25-27 Blessings in the Kingdom
11/22/20 Isaiah 28-30 Judgment on Ephraim, Judah, predictions
11/29/20 Isaiah 31-33 Judgment on Egyptian alliance, destroyers, A King will Reign
12/06/20 Isaiah 34-36 The Ransomed Shall Return (25), also Hezekiah’s Story.
12/13/20 Isaiah 37-39 Hezekiah’s story continued